Understanding our universe in terms of Engineering, Science, Space and Inventors. Albert Einstein once said “If you want to understand the universe think of Vibration.” Nikola Tesla said “If you wish to understand the universe,think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. “
First of all we need to understand the meaning of terms energy,frequency and vibration. Energy is defined as the capacity or power to do work,such as the capacity to move an object by application of force. Frequency in specialized physics is the number of times that a wave, especially a light sound or a radio wave, is produced within a particular period. While vibration means continuous quick, slight shaking movement. Therefore according to Nikola Tesla energy is major cause of everything and that is very true. This energy causes vibration that occur at certain frequency. For example for one to talk one must have energy that causes vibration of vocal cords thus sound is produced.
In this site we are going to explore this mystery of vibration in terms of Engineering, Science,Space and our famous inventors discoverers. Have you in board   as we explore our universe.
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